Punch Pubs – 2023

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Punch Pubs – 2023

Punch are in the process of finalising a sustainability strategy – The Punch Promise – that will contribute to the world’s global action plan – the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

These goals form the foundation of our strategy, as we want our pubs to contribute to the world’s goals, albeit at a local level.

The goals are the largest and best understood framework, adopted by more than 80% of leading businesses. ​Using the goals as a framework means that we’re speaking the same language as Governments and the next generation of young people.

The latter being those who are visiting Punch pubs, joining Punch’s own workforce, and influencing the direction of Punch’s future as a modern and progressive pub company.

Punch have already identified the goals that are most relevant to their business and are currently in the final stages of setting ambitious commitments and targets to tackle these.

The specific goals Punch have chosen are:

  • Goal 3 – Good Health & Wellbeing
  • Goal 7 – Affordable & Clean Energy
  • Goal 8 – Decent Work & Economic Growth
  • Goal 12 – Responsible Consumption & Production

Electric Vehicle Charging

Electric Vehicles are becoming ever present on our roads and are the most ubiquitous alternative for personal transport as Petrol and Diesel combustion engines are phased out

The opportunity to provide charging facilities to electric vehicle (EV) drivers at or closer to their destination than may otherwise be the case with a fossil fuel powered car, provides a real convenience benefit for drivers.  Punch has implemented a pilot scheme, in conjunction with Osprey Charging Network, to install rapid EV charging points at 10 Punch pubs as well as their Head Office in Burton-upon-Trent.

‘Rapid’ chargers were chosen as a means to provide as many potential locations, working to the confines of existing power infrastructure, while providing customers with a suitably fast recharge time.

While the EV vehicles will be what provides reduced carbon emissions, it is the availability and location of vehicle charging points which enable this to happen, indirectly enabling Punch customers and staff to reduce their carbon footprint.

Pubs adapting their service and sales opportunities to meet the requirements of guests, old and new, who may have differing needs.

Reducing Energy Consumption: The Dove & Rainbow, Sheffield

Publican Dawn has taken measures to ensure her pub adapts and evolves to survive the current energy crisis. Resulting in her cutting her pub’s energy consumption by 10%.

You can’t fail to be worried about the cost of energy but forgive me for stating the obvious; the easiest way to cut costs is simply to use less,Dawn.

Some ‘quick wins’ that Dawn has implemented within her pub to reduce energy consumption include:

  • Displaying green signs for staff saying, “turn off the lights when not in use.”
  • Asking staff not to turn the glasswasher on until they need it, particularly on quiet shifts.
  • Have turned the water flow on the urinals down to a minimum.
  • Changed her marketing preferences with suppliers to specify no leaflets by post.
  • Purchased timers for the bar fridges.
  • Tried to reduce wholesaler and supermarket deliveries (for non-tied items) to once a fortnight, rather than weekly, by being more organised (saves fuel – there is no such thing as a truly “free delivery”).
  • Will only ask for green energy quotes from suppliers when her existing contracts expire.

Dawn also found more guests are keen to support businesses who are trying to go ‘green’.

She said: Promote what you are doing, and you might not only cut costs, and feel good for helping the planet, but attract some new customers too.

“I’m the last person in the world to consider myself an ‘eco warrior’, but these days the environment, and what we are doing to it, is something that everyone needs to think seriously about.”