Net Zero Roadmap for Brewing

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Net Zero Roadmap for Brewing

In Autumn 2022 The British Beer & Pub Association, Zero Carbon Forum and Carbon Architecture launched a bespoke roadmap designed specifically for the brewing sector, providing guidance to support breweries across the UK to take on an ambitious pathway towards emission reduction targets.

The roadmap is an evolution of the version first published in 2021, and reflects the positive action taken by the sector to date and the unique challenges and opportunities to decarbonise held by the brewing sector directly and across supply chains.

The deep dive into brewing emissions within the roadmap quantifies the sectors environmental impact and outlines the actions needed, from optimising hot liquor systems to the decarbonisation of ingredients and transportation fleets, as well as highlighting the support needed from Government to help the sector on its net zero journey.

In accordance with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Corporate Account and Reporting Standard, the roadmap has been broken down into three ‘scopes’ for reporting purposes, with an additional focus in this roadmap on scope three emissions which are indirect emissions from supply chains. 

The full Net Zero Roadmap for Brewing can be found here. If you have any questions please get in touch.

You can watch a webinar with authors of the roadmap discussing it’s key components and answering questions from brewers below:

Collaborative partners:

Zero Carbon Forum

The Zero Carbon Forum is a non-profit industry initiative to design and implement a plan to net zero emissions for the Brewing and Hospitality sector and all the businesses in it.  Backed by the BBPA, the forum provides its members with the clarity, guidance and the collaborative action required to reach net zero together at pace.

Carbon Architecture

Carbon Architecture aims to help clients minimise their environmental impact whilst building business resilience. They provide businesses across the private and public sectors, straightforward, actionable and results-driven sustainability services. In coming together with BBPA members and the Zero Carbon Forum, Carbon Architecture has been able to draw out indicative decarbonisation pathways, showing brewers where the real opportunities for carbon reduction are.