Welcome to Brewing Green

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Welcome to Brewing Green

Britain’s pubs and breweries are rooted in our heritage and a cherished part of every single community across the country. These iconic institutions are woven through our history, and they are determined to thrive and support their communities long into the future.

For centuries our brewers have evolved and adapted to brew globally renowned beer as well as serve changing communities in their neighbourhoods, and now is no different. Britain’s breweries and pubs, alongside their supply chains, are determined to play their part in making Britain a world leader for environmental sustainability.

From grain to glass they are evolving to meet the needs of the world around them and preserve and serve the communities they sit proudly at the heart of. From investing in world-leading, cutting-edge technology to taking things back to basics through teaming up with local farmers and producers in sourcing key ingredients; they are proud to find ways to do things even better for a sustainable future.

As an industry, we are already playing our part in being more sustainable with our own individual initiatives, and as we look forward, we want to collaborate with other industries, businesses and our customers to further progress the sustainability agenda.

We are already making great strides; however, we will need investment and support from policy-makers and Government in order to meet targets and continue to strive for a greener future.

As a sector we understand the impact of the climate emergency and the essential part we have to play in taking steps to futureproof our businesses and protect our planet.

Our pubs and brewers are laying the foundations for a bright future. Come help us build it together.

Emma McClarkin OBE, BBPA Chief Executive