Sector Commitments 2023

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Sector Commitments 2023

The beer and pub sector is committed to reducing its environmental impact and playing a direct role in tackling the impact of climate change. 

Since the latest iteration of Brewing Green in 2021 pubs and brewers have been operating in an extremely challenging environment. Faced with recovering from the pandemic and an energy crisis which has seen prices rise to unprecedent levels. Despite this tumultuous period the sector has continued to recognise the importance of ensuring sustainable practises remain at the core of their businesses. 

This is evident by UK’s brewers’ ability to consistently deliver improvements in energy efficiency and reducing carbon emissions.

BBPA Brewing Green Commitments 2023: 

  1. To continue to improve the sector’s energy efficiency and focus on decarbonisation aims ahead of Government’s 2050 ambition.  

  1. To continue to reduce water usage overall and focus on sustainable water management including the quality of water returned to the environment. 

  1. To reduce the environmental impact of packaging and work with relevant Governments to ensure the implementation of effective and efficient Deposit Return Schemes and Extended Producer Responsibility regulations. 

  1. To implement waste reduction strategies and develop best practice for the whole brewing sector in achieving zero product waste to landfill. 

  1. To ensure that environmental best practice is implemented throughout the value chain and in collaboration with supply chain partners. Identify baseline emissions across scope 3. 

  1. To support pubs in improving energy efficiency, increasing recycling rates and reducing food waste. 

As a sector we recognise the crucial moment we are in when it comes to reducing emissions and driving sustainable practises across our businesses. The launch of our Net Zero roadmap last year for brewing and pubs was a huge but critical piece of work. However, in order to meet targets and continue to strive for a greener future the sector also needs investment and support from policy-makers and Government. 

To help the sector achieve these commitments we are calling on the Government to: 

REDUCE complexity and costs of the environmental regulatory framework. 

  • Ensure any Deposit Return Schemes implemented function throughout the UK without creating any additional knock-on environmental impact and without reducing consumer choice. 
  • Reduce the disproportionate burden on the brewing sector from the complexity and costs of wider packaging reforms such as Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) and Packaging Recovery Notes (PRNs). 

RESOURCE development of low carbon technologies through greater investment. 

  • Accelerate funding and investment into refuelling and recharging infrastructure, recognising the needs of commercial vehicles. 
  • Provide farmers with investment for equipment and the support to build the skills required to transition to regenerative and low carbon farming practices. 

RELEASE potential for carbon reduction by providing funding opportunities for businesses. 

  • Recognise brewing as an energy intensive process and ensure it remains eligible for support as an energy intensive industry. 
  • Provide grants to enable pubs to switch to low carbon technology and invest in incremental improvements such as improved insulation and kitchen equipment