Carlsberg Marston’s Brewing Company

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Carlsberg Marston’s Brewing Company

Carlsberg Marston’s Brewing Company

Carlsberg are bringing sustainability to the forefront of their brand – using their biggest brand to tell the story of Carlsberg’s work in sustainability and to inspire consumers to make more sustainable choices in their own lives. The partnership centres around the restoration of seagrass around the UK coast – a wonder plant that can absorb carbon up to 35 times faster than a rainforest.

Carlsberg brand partners with WWF: “WWF x Carlsberg”

In April 2021, Carlsberg announced its partnership with WWF in the UK to inspire Brits to make environmental changes which have a big impact; by helping to restore the small but powerful plant, seagrass, along the UK coastline. Carlsberg is bringing its sustainability commitments and goals directly to consumers, giving them easy ways to get involved and drive positive sustainability changes.

Carlsberg x WWF: The story so far

Sadly, the UK has lost over 90% of its seagrass meadows. That’s why Carlsberg and WWF are acting now to restore this wonder plant. In the pursuit of a better tomorrow for the planet, the partnership seeks to inspire Brits to take actions that have the power to make a big impact on the environment, such as simply, their choice of beer.

Known as ‘an underwater Amazon’, seagrass meadows can absorb carbon up to 35 times faster than a rainforest.

Carlsberg is also playing its role; by removing plastic rings, Carlsberg Snap pack minimises the use of secondary packaging, it also minimises CO2 emissions.

Carlsberg has made it easy for consumers to get involved in the campaign by:

  • On pack donation – 50p from every special edition Carlsberg pack will go to WWF to support the restoration of seagrass 
  • Each sale of Carlsberg Snap Pack will continue to remove plastic rings; reducing waste and protecting wildlife 
  • A donation per pint of Carlsberg when pubs are back up and running with selected partners 
  • Opportunities to win a WWF adoption with the Co-op