Brewhouse & Kitchen – 2023

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Brewhouse & Kitchen – 2023

Brewhouse & Kitchen are a company that runs 23 pubs that all act as microbrewers also. Providing them a challenging, but potentially highly successful, position from which to cut emissions.

They have always used a conventional boil of 60 minutes to brew beer at their pubs, where their electric boiler elements would run at full power for the full 60 minutes. With their breweries being situated within their brewpubs, Brewhouse & Kitchen would also have to condense the steam produced during the boil with a continuous spray of cold water which would all then go down the drain.

They have now changed this method to bring the wort (the brewing liquid before it becomes beer) to a boil and then turn the heating elements and running condensing water for 30 minutes for a hot stand before finishing the boil as normal for 30 minutes, halving the electric and water used during that 60 minute process.

After a few trials, it was concluded that there was no noticeable difference in the quality of the beers produced via this method and it has, as result, been adopted across the Brewhouse & Kitchen estate. This single decision, which has been concluded to make no noticeable difference to the quality of the beers produced, has been adopted across the Brewhouse & Kitchen estate, therefore eliminating half of the condensing water and energy used in brewing.