Tennent’s – 2023

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Tennent’s – 2023

Hosted in pubs around Scotland, the Pint & A Plan event series was created in partnership with Tennent’s, 2050 Climate Group and SEPA. The events explored how we can be empowered to take action on the climate crisis through things we use, how we travel and how we use our money.

The core objectives of the events were:

– To engage and enthuse the audience on the topics of consumption, climate finance and transport. Facilitating meaningful conversation on these pressing climate topics

– Provide inspiration for the audience to help them commit to 3 different climate action pledges at the end of the session

Pint & A Plan was a series of events open to anyone who wanted to learn more about the climate crisis and understand how they can make a plan for action in a casual and friendly environment (over a pint of course!).

The events focused around positive discussion and were accessible to all those who want to make a difference – but aren’t quite sure where to start.

The target audience was those aged 18-35 years old who are not yet actively engaged with climate conversations. Tennent’s young customer base, as well as that of the chosen venues, was considered to be a valuable resource in engaging the target demographic.

In 2022, 3 events were planned in Scotland. The pilot event in Dundee’s Market Bar in September, followed by two events: October (Glasgow’s Wellpark Brewery), November (Edinburgh’s Voodoo Rooms).

The Pint and A Plan events were sold out and over 100 people were engaged in a climate discussion whilst enjoying a beer and meeting new people.

79% of attendees were in the 18-35 year old age bracket, and 100% of attendees who completed the feedback survey said that they were ‘more motivated to take climate action following the event’.

Feedback from attendees:

“It’s made me think more about how I participate in consultations, an awareness on the impact of my consumption as well as a better understanding of other things I can do in a finance sense beyond changing how my pension is invested. I also connected with some of the people who attended and continued discussion after the formal event finished which was really positive!”

“I thought the event was great. I came on my own so was slightly nervous about that but the group discussions and focused topics were great. I met lots of interesting people in from lots of different sectors who all share an interest in climate change and the need for action”