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Back of House LED Lighting

To replace all lamps in light fittings with LED equivalents within the back-of-house areas of Greene King’s pubs, resulting in a reduction in energy consumption. 

Many of the back-of-house lamps in Greene King’s pubs were halogen technology, a product which uses more power than the equivalent LED lamps, which prompted the decision to move to more energy efficient lamps across the board in kitchens, cellars, walk in fridges, corridors, offices, etc. 

Project teams visited all sites, completed on-site surveys to assess the number of lamps which could be switched to LED. New LED lamps were then distributed to sites and the project teams returned to complete installation.

The installation of LED lamps has been successfully completed, with approximately 42,000 LED lamps installed across the estate, resulting in a 65% reduction in the power requirement for back of house lighting across the managed estate. Previous to this project, Greene King has already completed their Front-of-House implementation and in 2021 will complete installation of LEDs in car parks and outside spaces

Cellar Manager

To automatically control cellar temperatures to optimise cellar cooler performance and reduce energy consumption 

A pilot was carried out in 27 Greene King pubs in the Greater  Manchester area from across various brands, pub sizes and building types. The pilot highlighted the fact that cellar cooler energy consumption varied by site, cellar size, location and condition, staff behaviour and the influence of the external weather on the cellar cooling process.

The Cellar Manager product is designed to save 30% of the main cellar cooler energy, through the principle that beer in the keg increases in temperature at a much slower rate than the surrounding cellar air temperature. The product switches off the main cellar cooler, as required, whilst maintaining the beer temperature at 12 degrees. This automatically reduces the energy used in the cellar, in and out of working hours.  It works with any cellar cooler, optimising its performance, increasing its life and reducing noise pollution at night.   

The technology was found to make an energy saving for the cellar cooling in line with the quoted values, showing an 88% return on investment. Following the pilot the Cellar Manager technology has been rolled out across 1,700 pubs at a rate 40 sites per week.

Food Waste Reduction

To Reduce food waste throughout the Greene King supply chain in line with the food waste hierarchy with a focus on initial prevention.

A full review of food waste throughout the supply chain with a focus on pack sizes, ordering habits and commonly wasted products to implement a strategy with a wider view to achieve the Courtauld Commitment target of 50% food waste reduction by 2030. 

To support the strategy, other opportunities to reduce food wastage have been identified by creating listening groups with pub kitchen teams. Greene King will also be launching an innovative way to reduce beer wastage at a site level in 2022. The new initiative will be called Magic Pints and is being run through a partnership with Too Good To Go.

Introduction of EV Charging Across Greene King Pub Car Parks and Support Centres

Greene King identified car parks in their managed pub estate as suitable for the installation of electric vehicle charging points. A separate property review took place for all leased and tenanted pub car parks.

Working with two specialist EV charging suppliers Drive Energi and Raw Charging the Greene King property team have established a programme of electric vehicle charge point installation across 1200 managed pub car parks and 400 leased and tenanted Pub Partners car parks. 

The roll out is underway and expected to be completed by end 2023. The EV charging point roll out is also in line with the introduction of electric company vehicles from 2021 and which supports the government’s commitment to phase out all new non-electric cars by 2030. The Greene King EV charging point programme offers customers additional facilities and a reason to visit the pub.