Carlsberg Marston’s – 2023

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Carlsberg Marston’s – 2023

Project description: Carlsberg Marston’s Brewing Company (CMBC) introduced two fully electric HGVs to its logistics fleet – the largest in the UK operated by a brewer – as part of the company’s Together Towards ZERO and Beyond sustainability efforts.

In partnership with Renault Trucks, CMBC’s two fully electric HGVs – both E-Tech D Wide models, weighing in at 26 tonnes and 18 tonnes – went out on the road earlier this year.

With the trucks capable of travelling up to 150 kilometres on a single charge, the urbanised areas of Cardiff and Essex are the ideal routes to test the potential of electric vehicles in our logistics network. CMBC has also installed charging points at the Cardiff and Thurrock (Essex) depots which will be powered by electricity from renewable sources.

The pilot is the latest step towards achieving our ambition of zero carbon footprint across our value chain. These efforts are part of our target for zero carbon emissions across our entire value chain under our enhanced ESG programme, Together Towards ZERO and Beyond, which launched in August 2022.

The trial will allow CMBC to accurately assess the impact they have for our business, with the view to extend the fleet following a successful trial and implementation period.

Outcomes: Capable of delivering at least 10,000 pints a day each, the move to two, fully electric powered vehicles will see CMBC replace up to around 19,000 diesel-fuelled road miles per vehicle per year.

This launch is potentially transformational to us as a brewer and logistics operator, but also in terms of helping pubs to build back greener after the pandemic.

The vehicles are ideal for urban distribution, including routes into London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone. For drivers, the cleaner, quieter electric engines reduce noise and vibrations in the cab for a more comfortable working environment. And as the vehicles are almost silent, they reduce road noise in urban areas and can therefore be used during unconventional hours.

Additional information: This trial is a key part of CMBC’s long-term strategy for bringing electric vehicles into our fleet. We will be working closely with all our sites this year to understand their current capabilities for operating electric vehicles, as well as what infrastructure they require, providing us with a full understanding on the number of electric vehicles we could viably operate.

With this insight we will be able to integrate electric vehicles into our ongoing vehicle replacement schedule. We are hopeful that, with the progress being achieved each year in the technology, electric vehicles will become a more common part of our overall fleet while ensuring that the same high-quality of service is maintained for all our customers.